Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I found the above in my tatty "must scan" file and thought I'd put it up before it gets any more disheveled. These are the instructions to a hand-pump flashlight (example below) which generates power from users flexing their fingers as if on a Gripmaster, those springloaded plastic petits-fours that strengthen spelunkers or perhaps self-abusers.

What's interesting is that my unit was made in Russia, and the instructions depict its use in finding a bag of cash (USD, no less) in a dark vault. The user is a white-collar criminal, or perhaps a quaint gangster or mafioso. Was this a class joke by an underpaid Russian illustrator? Ah, stereotypes.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kahve Defteri: Vol. 2

Next installment in the coffee-grounds readings journal. Same project specs as VOLUME 1, but with cups of unknown make.

Two people are rejoicing, maybe they are dancing. (This could have something to do with my impending marriage.)

Two paths come after the rejoicing, and because they are fat and straight they mean easy, blessed roads.

Someone (presuming me) is on top of a pile of something, probably kismet – good fortune/positive destiny – or money. I am trying to balance myself and stand up because I’m on my hands and knees. There are two spots exactly on either side of me, standing for a piece of news each that will arrive before and after I find my equilibrium atop whatever this pile is.

A palm is turned towards me/the viewer, or they could be cupped palms raised to the sky, full of some benediction. This means someone is wishing me well or praying for me.

Looking at the fulfillment of my wish as the drop of coffee and grounds runs along the underside of the saucer, it seems I will get my wish. It won’t be quite what I had hoped at first, but towards the end it takes the shape of a heart, which has to portend well.

Once more, if you missed the inaugural post: